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Google Corporate Logo

Google corporate logo is being widely discussed because of beautiful change in this official logo of search giant which actually was done by Google Inc. yesterday. Totally different as well as unique and beautiful look of this logo of search giant is giving an extremely beautiful look in addition to the lot of details behind this latest doodle.

This time the collection of several beautiful pictures or you may say gift cards has been decided to replace Google corporate logo by the Google management and therefore the doodle that usually represent different notorious occasions was focused on beautiful sceneries. This running or in process festive season has been focused by Google Inc. to celebrate the notorious Christmas event in the country of United States as well as to celebrate the New Year event which is also not that far.

This recently replaced Google corporate logo is seen worldwide means in any of their servers over any destination of the world in shape of pictorial doodle which intentionally having details about some notorious tourist destinations that could be taken into thought or consideration while having a trip on this Christmas event as well as on the event of New Year.

Google is no doubt always a step ahead of it in market or in business competitors in celebrating historical event and currently in place Google corporate logo is the link or in relation to this effort of this search giant which is widely appreciated by its regular or irregular visitors. Google has planned to keep this logo change until the end of tomorrow’s notorious Christmas event.

Skype Outage

Skype outage was the biggest issue of yesterday as millions of global users of this notorious internet phone service as well as internet chat service provider company were unable to connect over internet in intention to make necessary calls to their loved ones around the globe. The service was unable to allow their worldwide users to make calls and if someone was being allowed by Skype service to go for an internet phone call then the call was being dropped even after 1 or 2 minutes of connecting.

Skype outage was really a troubling issue for worldwide users instead of a specific geographical location only because connection failure (the message which was being received by millions of Skype users all over the world). Second major outage in Skype services was faced or surfaced yesterday in year 2010 and still no official statement or confirmation by the Skype in this regards.

Skype outage time is being reported as started from 9:00 a.m. and continued troubling in making internet phone calls as well as internet chat services for millions of their global users for hours. Skype internet phone calls are considerably lower than other of the same nature service providers over internet worldwide and people love to use Skype being their priority service for internet phone calls.

Previously Skype outage issue was surfaced in year 2007 but yesterday’s problem affected worldwide people which is strange in light of a statement given by a Forrester Research’s analyst who is recognized as Charles S. Golvin, who stated that telephone lines’ outage should trouble or should be problematic for a specific location but worldwide outage of internet phone service is strange.

Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is currently in top discussing matters over Internet just because of their one user who sold his real estate property which was actually a virtual property but sold in real world for a pretty handsome amount. It is being said about Jon Jacobs, who is recognized being a user of Entropia Universe that his virtual property has been sold by Jacobs in real world for an amount of USD $335,000.

Though the real world’s real estate prices are completely down from their actual values all over the world but the virtual properties of Entropia Universe are getting much popularity among people as Jon Jacobs sold his own virtual property in a single sale for pretty handsome above mentioned price. John Foma Kalun who is pretty much known with the name “pesok” in this same multiplayer game platform is actually the buyer of this virtual property.

Jon Jacobs, whose virtual user name is Neverdie, has initially sold his virtual property’s part for an amount of USD $5,000 earlier in this week and now took overall an amount of USD $335,000 against his virtual property sale which broke the previously made USD $330,000 record of selling virtual property on the same platform. Means both world records are still with the same multi player game platform.

Most of the virtual asteroid property of Jon Jacobs was sold by this user at the same time but if overall small or big sales are combined of this sole user at this platform, then it reaches to an amount of USD $635,000 which is currently a Guinness book’s record.